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The Julie Buckfield Fansite

Welcome to The Julie Buckfield Fansite, the unofficial website dedicated to my favourite actress, Julie Buckfield, one of the leading UK actresses and acclaimed principal boy’s in pantomime.

Contained on this website is various information about Julie from biographical to contact details, and also a large collection of various images of Julie. Please note that the images contained on this website are copyrighted, and are for research purposes only, while reproduction on information contained on this website is available by request.

If you have any questions about Julie - sensible ones only please - then feel free to e-mail me and I will try to answer them.

Also on this website any news as to what Julie is appearing in will be published.

Disclaimer: I am not Julie Buckfield, nor do I have any direct contact with Ms Buckfield herself. Any contact with Julie Buckfield must be made via the details on the Contact-CV page of the website regarding casting enquiries, while autograph requests must be sent via the address on the Fan Mail page.