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Bad Blood Reviews:

Julie Buckfield (Hollyoaks) is suitably strong and handles a particularly difficult scene with skill so as to make the audience squirm - Katy Lewis (BBC-Beds, Herts and Bucks Theatre)

Her co-stars Gary Mavers, who played her husband Tom, and Julie Buckfield, who was his estranged daughter Belinda, were just as impressive in their parts and managed to keep the audience guessing the outcome of the hard-hitting psychological drama until the bitter end. Shelley Smith (Winsford Guardian)

Much Ado About Nothing Reviews:

Hero, although with a minimum speaking part, was also very well chosen in Julie Buckfield, as the beautiful, honest looking girl who is greatly wronged by her fiance - Claire Andrews (BBC Leeds).

Caught in the Net Reviews:

The two teenagers, Vicki (JULIE BUCKFIELD) and Gavin (ALEXANDER CAINE), were very true to life - Julie in particular as a rebellious young girl determined to have her own way - Sheila Connor (Theatreworld Internet Magazine)

Julie Buckfield plays daughter Vicki -* this lovely young lady is instantly recognisable as the first daughter from BBC TV's 2.4 Children....but her programme notes fail to recognise this. She is also perfect as the love - struck teenager who wants to meet Gavin so much. - Geoffrey Billingsley (Theatreworld Internet Magazine)

* Note: The reviewer had confused Julie with her identical twin sister Clare whom did appear as Jenny Porter in 2point4 children.

The Ghost Train Reviews:

A great comic performance by Stephen Beckett, who plays Dr Matt Ramsden of Coronation Street, as Teddie, and Julie Buckfield of Hollyoaks as the newlywed bride. - Maureen Millard (The Comet)

The most frightening moments in the evening, apart from the train, are the sudden piercing and strident screams from Julie Buckfield as sweet and clinging young bride Peggy, relying on her new husband (Oliver Stoney) to protect her - Shelia Conner (Theatreworld Internet Magazine)

Charles and Peggy Murdoch, played by Nick Ash and Julie Buckfield, are young people of their time, newly weds, bashful and reserved but full of pluck in the face of adversity. They deserve better than to spend their first night together in a damp Cornish railway station on the anniversary of an epic train crash - Andrew Liddle (UK Theatre Reviews)

The Naked Truth:

Julie Buckfield is brilliant as the ultra annoying Tricia, bane of everyone’s lives - she is artfully, but unmeaningly rude at every turn, blissfully uncaring about who she might hurt as she speaks the truth. A F Harold (

A charming performance from Titmuss as group tutor Gabby is offset by the excellent Buckfield as the neurotic Tricia - Andrew Welsh (Perthshire Advertiser)

The aloof Tricia was played to perfection by Julie Buckfield - (Community Times Furness)

Tricia is splendidly portrayed by Julie Buckfield (Grange Hill and Hollyoaks), a once fat woman with a perfect husband who has radically slimmed and is now obsessed with getting a boob job. - Aasma Day (Lancashire Evening Post).

Soap princess Julie Buckfield is priceless as self obsessed Tricia, riding roughshod over everyone’s feelings - Sue Heath ( Northern Echo )

Peter Pan Reviews:

Julie Buckfield as Peter Pan gives a new meaning to the word energetic - Dave Bale (Kentish Times)

Julie Buckfield is a wonderfully feisty Peter and flies through the air with the greatest of ease ( and a great deal of courage to ) (This is Cheshire)

At it’s heart is an enchanting performance of the flying boy by Julie Buckfield. Energetic, and enthusiasm going hand and hand to create a careless, insouciant hero in opposition to the whiles of Captain Hook - Donald Madgewick (News Shopper)

The cast is commendable, but the main hustler is the outstanding Julie Buckfield as Peter Pan. She sings, she dances, she fights, she is never still for a moment and her live wire energy and infectious verve are a constant and boundless delight - Frank Eggings (The Stage).

And Hollyoaks actress Julie Buckfield is the perfect choice for the uplifting, yet demanding role - Neil Bonner (The Stage)

Cambridge Arts Theatre Pantomime Reviews:

Julie Buckfield, as the swash-buckling Jack also had a voice that was a joy to hear - Angela Singer (Hunts Post).

Julie Buckfield was bright and cheerful as Dick (Cambridge Evening News)

Maxine Gregory and Julie Buckfield are a charming pantomime royal couple with plenty of character - Angela Singer (Cambs News 24)

Julie Buckfield is a bouncy Aladdin and Maxine Gregory her lovely Princess (The Stage).

Julie Buckfield returns for another year playing the leading lad. With her pixie face and huge smile she plays Aladdin with incredible presence for someone so small. A great comic actress, the only weak moment was her duet with Princess Jasmine “Start of Something New” which was off-key. She took that in her stride however and was soon back to her pantomime best playing the straight guy to Michael Fenton Stevens hilarious interpretation of Widow Twankey - Sarah Alhassan (Local Secrets).

Everyone loves Julie Buckfield's Cinders and she's a good singer Van Howlett (EADT 24)

Julie Buckfield is a sincere and affecting Cinders and Matt Crosby works hard as Buttons, an engaging sidekick. Their duet is a great moment in the show. (The Stage)

I had the pleasure of seeing Cinderella at Cambridge Arts Theatre. The whole production is first class. The ugly sisters could indeed have their own show as an off-shoot to this pantomime. However, the star of the show for me was Julie Buckfield. Her first year playing a female role in panto and she carried it off brilliantly. You can see why she has been invited back every year to Cambridge Arts Theatre. Buckfield's vocal range is incredible and her chemistry with Matt Crosby as Buttons is second to none, providing the magical touch the children want. Congratulations to the arts theatre for providing this must-see panto. Sam Kelly (The Hunts Post)

So I booked a ticket for Cambridge Arts Theatre’s Cinderella instead, where the good British stolidness of the resident panto star, Julie Buckfield, a bright, Blitz-spirited, ex-Sylvia Young, blonde thigh-slapper, saw it through with demure touch and her usual sweet valiance. Ali Smith - Times Literary Supplement

Julie Buckfield plays younger son Jack to the manor born with the right blend of head-in-the-clouds optimism and derring-do. Anne Morley-Priestman - (Whats On Stage)

Julie Buckfield was superb too as Dick, her singing was remarkable. So was her determination not to laugh when Dick tries to deceive Alderman Fitzwarren into thinking she was not Dick by hiding behind a huge beard - Christopher Fisher

Doctor Who: Return to the Web Planet Review:

Julie Buckfield plays his daughter Hedyla with a light touch that makes her a perfect complement for Nyssa. She clearly conveys the tragedy of her character without ever resorting to melodrama, and displays real character growth through the story.